The Baldies – Return to Form, Highest Stakes / Biggest Risk (2017)

Welcome to the 2017 Baldies Awards, where we honor the outstanding achievements in film and television for the year!  This particular episode features what we call “deliberations” which is a behind the scene look at how we arrived at our various picks for the Baldies proper.  You SHOULD start by listening to the 2017 Baldies Awards Ceremony, then you can drill down to whatever sub-category you’re interested in / outraged with the most.

This 2017 Baldies Awards deliberation is on “Return to Form, Highest Stakes / Biggest Risk”!  We talk about shows that might have stumbled in the past, but have picked themselves up, dusted themselves off, and are back better than ever, as well as recognize the people and projects that took crazy foolish risks that paid off.

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