Watching Dead – 205 – “Chupacabra”

Welcome to this week's episode of Watching Darryl Dead!  The show picks itself off, and dusts itself off after falling into a well last week, only to derail the otherwise decent episode with an ill advised headshot!  Rage along with Jim and A.Ron as we vent along with the listeners about the near tragic stupidity that is Andrea.

Other points of interest;  Darryl's continual carving a portrait of himself onto Mount Badass, Herschel and Rick's uneasy alliance beginning to unravel, the finer points of guitar-based icebreaking, rag dolls, devil's advocacy, and some really insightful feedback from our fantastic listeners. Unfortunately, some of the best stuff comes out in our spoiler section, which is roped off with a protective cordon of music, so be sure to switch off  if you don't want hints about what happens next week OR very mild comic book spoilers / analysis.

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