Personal Arrogants

Personal Arrogants – Episode 162: What’s Mars Up To? Not Much!

Welcome! This week on the show: • Prehistoric Beasts, Space Radios, and Terrible Hugging Robots (9:21) • More Prehistoric Beasts (29:17) • Trivia! (39:39) • New Words! (44:00) • Stand Up Comedian Fool (51:38) • Facebook Roundup (1:02:34) • Recommendations (1:10:40) Listen up! And feed us back (we’ll put it on the cast) Send us…

Blue Yonder

Blue Yonder – Barely Legal – Episode 76

In this week’s show, A.Ron and Jim ponder some science, philosophy, pop culture and politics through the lens of SCIENCE!  First up, a research paper opens up the debate about spoilers we first had way back in episode 62, with a new study suggesting that reading pre-spoiled books is more enjoyable than reading them spoiler-free.  So take your spoiler tag, shine it up real nice, turn it sideways, and cram it up your candy ass!