Personal Arrogants – Episode 144: A Pentagon of Caffeine Waffles

PARamSmallA brand new ep to put some pep in your step! Epsiode 144 has landed with a bunch of beer talk and TWO Arrogant movie pitches. If you listen real close, you can hear Eric’s demeanor change as he drinks three 9.5% beers. On the show:

• Listener Feedback (9:25)

• Science News! (19:50)

• Our Superhero Reboots (34:07)

• Trivia! (45:49)

• Jesse’s Jackass Customer of the Week (49:39)

• Basketball Diplomacy (53:18)

• Arrogant Zombie Soothsayers (1:00:28)

• Facebook Roundup (1:12:40)

• Recommendations (1:19:48)

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