Game of Thrones – 104 – Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things

A.Ron and Jim continue their re-watch with episode 104 of HBO’s Game of Thrones, “Bastards, Cripples, and Broken Things”. If you’re new to Game of Thrones, enjoy our spoiler free episode discussion and recap, but if you’re a hard bitten, winter ready veteran of the Game, feel free to skip to 01:23:50 for our spoiler filled discussion of the episode as it fits into the over all series, including spoilers from the books!

Game of Thrones – 101 – Winter is Coming

And now our Watch begins. Jim and I start the process of backfilling our Game of Thrones Podcast catalog by revisiting the series premiere, episode 101, “Winter is Coming”. If you’re new to the series, don’t fear, we don’t spoil anything for future episodes, but we do have a Spoiler section at the end of our podcast for people who want to stick around and talk about the show in the broader context of having seen all six seasons or read all of the available books.

Breaking Good – Season One Wrap Up

Jim and A.Ron sign off the Breaking Bad airwaves until sometime in November 2014, but we have a few things to say before we do. We talk about Breaking Bad’s relationship to Fargo, a listener calls BS on giving Walt a pass on his “authentic” decision making, and we do a deep dive on Hank and Walt’s relationship as we play a little bit of “what if” in the spoiler section.

Breaking Good – 106 – Crazy Hand Full of Nothin’

Jim and A.Ron arrive at arguably the high water mark of season one, in the impressive and exciting “Crazy Hand Full of Nothin'”. The birth of Heisenberg, the introduction of the menacing Tuco, Jesse and Walt’s relationship evolving, more questionable ethical and moral compromises, the stakes just continue to rise. Join us as we discuss explosive chemistry, gauge the “likability” of Walt, Skyler, and Hank, keep track of Jr’s Breakfastometer, and much more including your thoughts and comments as well as a healthy spoiler section safely ensconced behind our outro music.

Breaking Good – 105 – Gray Matter

We’re five episodes into our season one re-watch of Breaking Bad, episode 105 “Gray Matter”. We juxtapose Walt at his most sympathetic as he explains his choice to refuse treatment for his cancer during the powerhouse “Family Meeting” scene, and yet we also see him seemingly throw away his chance to be treated and secure his family’s financial future to preserve his pride. How to reconcile Walt the every man with Walt the egomaniac? Join us as we discuss this and much more, including lots of quality feedback and a spoiler section where we ponder why the Villigan decided to play certain cards so close to his chest that we never actually got to see them on screen.

Breaking Good – 104 – Cancer Man

Our re-watch of season one rolls on, this time for episode 104, “Cancer Man”. Here is where BrBa slows down to catch it’s breath, and add some extra dimensions to players such as Jesse, Walt Jr, and Hank. We talk about pacing, talk about Skyler’s likability and Walt’s hostility, as well as why it’s so satisfying to see a blue tooth douche in a convertible BMW get a bit of justice.