LWJ&A: Episode 234: “The First One’s Free”

Jim and A.Ron discuss upcoming trailers; best travel foods; the Apollo exhibit at the CMC; Valentine’s Day traditions; disastrous dates; the podcast empire business; what everyone’s sheik price would be; how to clean house; pump up the jams; Bill Murray’s age from 90-93; Parasite @ the Oscars; the length of documentaries and the justification; BCS catch-up; Bald Move TV coverage; and finally, airplane comfort.


LWJ&A – Episode 233: “Every Which Way but Lunch”

Jim and A.Ron argue about the future of technology; they discuss the new HBO show, McMillions; Netflix FINALLY changes the future; A.Ron and Jim discuss Star Trek Picard/TNG’s Maddox and his research; they also discuss the difference between SW and ST; thoughts on HBO’s look back at 2019; thoughts on the final episodes of Bojack; thoughts on Stranger Things splitting their final season; predictions for Oscars 2019; how Bald Move networks the network; sci-fi realness; going to a Westworld version of Lost; fake names; thoughts on community suggestions/feedback; thoughts on Briarpatch; sharing a birthday and name with someone; Jim and A.Ron’s favorite fun YT/Reddit holes; being cautious around batteries; and audiobook preferences.


LWJ&A – 1/10/2020

Jim and A.Ron catch up on games they played over the break; A.Ron catches us up on Warhammer 40k; Jim solves a debate about house shoes; living mindfully in the moment; thoughts on Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes; hypothetical follow-up projects; projects we’re excited about in 2020; how often should you clean your water bottle; how much notice you should give to leave a job; repurposing methane and cow poops; DEVs on FX/Hulu; sci-fi in the last 10 years; coverage of Fargo Season 4 and thoughts on previous Coen Brothers films; unconventional lubes; and the future of Bald Move merch.

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Lunch with Jim & A.Ron: Reheated – Episode 11: “Fun with Commissioned Podcasts”

In Episode #11, originally aired on 1.9.15:

Jim and A.Ron discuss their various Commissioned Podcast projects, the new crowd sourced commissions concept they’re experimenting with in the VIP section of their forums, and the new Best of Bald Move awards/recognition show/series coming out…

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Club members get access to a live recording of Lunch with Jim & A.Ron every Friday at 1pm, where members get to ask questions in real time. On the fifth anniversary of Lunch with Jim & A.Ron, we started reheating previous lunch episodes and making them available to the public for the first time.