Lunch with Jim & A.Ron: Reheated – Episode 2: “Hard Core Pumpkin Carving!”

Jim and A.Ron flex their creative muscles and get into the holiday spirit by carving a bulbous orange vegetable. The spirits of darkness are appeased.  They discuss their complicated upbringing preventing them from carving pumpkins sooner; the big things happening with business podcasts; ratings and reviews on iTunes; the guys anticipate the first ever Walker Stalker Con; Jim & A.Ron are incredulous about how incredulous the protagonist of Outlander is about sexism; J&A suffer with being perfectionists; and they search for podcast recommendations.


LWJ&A – 10/11/2019

In this special episode, it’s the Lunch with Jim and A.Ron 5-year anniversary! LIVE from Satan’s asshole: Jim and A.Ron talk about their first ever lunch and all of the burritos they have eaten; they sum up the 7th Annual BYPAX – roller coasters at Cedar Point and their favorite games played (meta-games included) such…


LWJ&A – 9/27/2019

Jim and A.Ron had another successful Double Hook Friday; A.Ron and Jim have both had major life-changing events; Opus has joined the studio; they discuss difficulties in operating a business; how to handle cold calls from political campaigns; El Camino coverage; where would famous Italian guitarist Jim Jones live in Italy; whether or not to skip the last GoT books; a good old-fashioned draft and potential future bridge draft; their concert history; Star Wars fan fic; Zach Snyder’s take on anything; and finally, Jim’s go-to burrito order.


LWJ&A – 9/20/2019

Jim and A.Ron discuss the latest TNG episodes A.Ron has seen; filming locations they have visited; the new KFC chicken/donut aberration; plans for future Telltale playthroughs; Fargo S4 hype; A.Ron’s favorite Bill Simmons guests; Andrew Yang’s UBI; an El Camino prep suggestion; some kind of Tic-Tac-Tech; VR gaming; Bald Move action figures must-have accessory; the…


LWJ&A – 9/13/2019

Jim and A.Ron give a Star Trek update; a good old-fashioned “what would you do” involving Russians on the ISS; coverage of His Dark Materials; whether or not you should be honest with your spouse; The Expanse coverage plans; a nice story to share about community; Jim and A.Ron switch bodies in a Freaky Friday; A.Ron’s interest in drag/trans language; the return of Old King Conan; plans to bring back Que Che L’evier; remembrance of 9/11; Wednesday night stream update; which TV character you would be; Jim’s thoughts on the new ‘Tool’ album; Andrew Yang’s “The War on Normal People” and thoughts of AI in the future; and the idea of Digital Utopianism.


LWJ&A – 9/6/2019

A.Ron update us on his fence saga while fighting the worse poison ivy he has ever had in his life; Jim’s beloved old couch was put to rest; the dilemma of contractors; Cecily gives us a job update; A.Ron and Jim are given a difficult choice; their plans for UFC 242; thoughts on Better Call Saul S4, Dark Crystal, TNG, The Wheel of Time, Succession, The Good Place, The Walking Dead, Rick and Morty Season 3 and a quick Leftovers revisit. Finally, we count down Bald Move’s Top 7 Boners.

Due to technical issues there is no video for this one!


LWJ&A – 8/30/2019

Jim and A.Ron talk about their trend tradition, Double Hook Fridays; A.Ron’s birthday is tomorrow and Michelle sent a gift of Queen Funko Pop figures; US vacation policies; Andrew Luck’s retirement; new trailer talk and how they decide on upcoming shows to cover; how to manage CO2 levels in the atmosphere; the LotR on Amazon; Cincinnati chili; HYPERtheticals by Chuck Klosterman; which celebrity would get an invite to a bachelor party; was Garek redeemed on DS9; boating incidents; the global economy; and the latest season of Mindhunter.


LWJ&A – 8/23/2019

We discuss foot fetishes; A.Ron’s trip to Florida; A.Ron fires his therapist; what lengths they’d go to in order to find ‘The One’; Nah’leans recommendations; Sony and Disney broke up and Sony got full custody of Spider-Man; the most effective way to quit your job; how to set boundaries with your partner’s family; expectations for the upcoming Star Trek, James Bond, The Matrix 4; what their ideal parents would be if they could choose; what skills Jim and A.Ron could contribute to the zombie apocalypse to fight off roving therapists.  We’ve been pumped dry for content!


LWJ&A – 8/9/2019

Jim and A.Ron talk about the recent gun violence in our country; the new Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ package; the A/V setup of Bald Move; our favorite movie and video game soundtracks; the possibility of meeting Paul Giamatti; and the most stand out performance from Parks and Rec.