LWJ&A – 11/8/2019

Jim and A.Ron discuss Double Dern Saturday; the launch of our new network Swizzbold; advice for Tesla owners; city living vs. country living; Apple+ support devices; sleep hygiene; AirBNB scams; famous or interesting genealogy; advice on dealing with grief; finding Jim’s holy grail; movies we don’t remember; our favorite movie scenes; closing out actors; the Colour Out of Space trailer; best of the decade; when is the right time to start Christmas; advice on starting a family; finally, housekeeping on housekeeping.


LWJ&A – 10/25/2019

Jim and A.Ron get straight into the questions this time, because they are on a tight schedule! They answer everyone’s burning question, WTF is up with your lack of The Expanse coverage; Cecily and Alexis’ coverage of His Dark Materials; The Dresden Files dream casting; vampires in dusters; thoughts on Dark and other foreign recommendations; should D&D have known they were writing fan fiction; gimmick products that really work; how to de-skunk a pet; thoughts on the Colts and football in VERY general terms; carpal tunnel issues; the new grand (re?) opening of the Vonnegut Museum; the possibility of an arts and crafts on a drunken lunch; where to put your cart when you are done; thoughts on when it’s appropriate to use ketchup and gravy; shitting your pants stories; bidet updates; upcoming movies; favorite movies changing in a 5 year span;  thoughts on Melt Bar and Grilled; playing Apex Legends; experience with Halloween pranks; and how to live with a clone of yourself.


LWJ&A – 10/18/2019

Jim and A.Ron occupy the space in a brand-new studio; they discuss what Camp Bald Move would look like; the weirdest thing they’ve ever eaten and they weirdest place they’ve ever gotten busy; social media checkmarks; how to direct young people with big dreams; Giamatti knows that we exist; unpopular food opinions; old LwJ&A episodes; X-mas card photos; favorite holiday foods/specific hams; regional humor; lasting spooks; mind-blowing science facts; pre-therapy advice; the existence of a perfect band; and upcoming guests on PMT.

Lunch with Jim & A.Ron: Reheated – Episode 2: “Hard Core Pumpkin Carving!”

Jim and A.Ron flex their creative muscles and get into the holiday spirit by carving a bulbous orange vegetable. The spirits of darkness are appeased.  They discuss their complicated upbringing preventing them from carving pumpkins sooner; the big things happening with business podcasts; ratings and reviews on iTunes; the guys anticipate the first ever Walker Stalker Con; Jim & A.Ron are incredulous about how incredulous the protagonist of Outlander is about sexism; J&A suffer with being perfectionists; and they search for podcast recommendations.


LWJ&A – 10/11/2019

In this special episode, it’s the Lunch with Jim and A.Ron 5-year anniversary!

LIVE from Satan’s asshole: Jim and A.Ron talk about their first ever lunch and all of the burritos they have eaten; they sum up the 7th Annual BYPAX – roller coasters at Cedar Point and their favorite games played (meta-games included) such as Game of Thrones and Secret Hitler; we hear a sick beat Murderbear made for us; we ponder once again whether a hot dog is a sandwich; we think about the most memorable/touching lunch question we’ve ever had; how to save it for the ‘cast; water or anything else with a little bit of each other’s pee in it; J&A’s opinion on the situation in Hong Kong; thoughts on the new series Devs; would you be 15 now or when you were actually 15; we speculate on how much work it is to do this much work; whether or not we’ll get to see BLINK; who would benefit from a solo character study; our thoughts on checking out garage/yard sales and our favorite finds;  finally, how to continue (or not) following your favorite shows.