American Horror Story Podcast - 508 – The Ten Commandments Killer

A.Ron and Cecily unpack the shocking revelation from this week’s American Horror Story: Hotel, “The Ten Commandments Killer”; Cecily doesn’t actually know the Ten Commandments! All kidding aside, other than the fact that we’ve seen this revelation coming, it was a perfectly fine episode of American Horror Story. Although I guess it does kind of re-contextualize Sally. And the “adultery” couple switching hotels kinda came out of no where. Never fear, we’re not above resorting to multi-verse theory to explain away any troublesome retconning or rewriting Murphy has to do to bring this beast on final approach and landing. All that, our ongoing love fest for Dennis O’Hare, and a pretty healthy mailbag, and lots of opinionated opinions coming your way!

HOTD: A House of the Dragon Podcast - 508 – Hardhome

Jim and A.Ron are blown away by the latest Game of Thrones episode, number 508 entitled “Hardhome”… We discuss Arya’s mission, Cersei’s submission (or lack thereof), Ramsay’s 20 man commando team o’ doom, the surprise hit that is Dany and Tyrion non-traveling non-roadshow, what we can glean of White Walker culture from what very little we know, spend time meditating on the badassitude that is an angry giant, and A.Ron gets to engage in some rare future speculation since he has no idea what is going on anymore. All this, and your feedback, coming right at you. We’ll be back Friday with the SpoiLORE edition for this podcast, see you then!

HOTD: A House of the Dragon Podcast - 508 – Hardhome – Instant Take

Find out A.Ron and Jim’s instant, off the cuff thoughts and opinions on this week’s episode of HBO’s Game of Thrones entitled “Hardhome”. I can tell you right now we were so flabbergasted about the episode that we completely forgot to talk about Arya. When anything with Arya is the least interesting thing in a Game of Thrones episode, you know it’s good. We’ll be back Tuesday for our full coverage podcast with lots of your feedback! Talk to you then!

Speakeasy - 508 – “Eldorado”

HBO’s Boardwalk Empire has come to it’s inevitable conclusion, and A.Ron and Jim are at peace with it.  In fact, we think it’s beautiful and painful in a way that Boardwalk finales tend to be, if not more so.  Things get dusty when fathers say goodbye to sons, and brothers say goodbye to brothers, and…

Breaking Good - 508 – Gliding Over All

A.Ron’s in Seattle and I’m left to run the studio myself. Unfortunately, I’m like Jesse on his first cook, fumbling with the controls, shouting “Yo, bitch!” into the air, getting Fun-Yuns dust and chili powder everywhere. And so we resort to the backup recording devices. A.Ron had a flight to catch so we chat for a little over an hour about our takes and some corrections from last episode and decide to save the feedback until the season 5.1 wrapup podcast next week.