American Horror Story Podcast - 507 – Flicker

We’re back with another full recap of American Horror Story episode 507, “Flicker”. We finally find out what’s on JPM’s forbidden floor, how Gaga found herself as a glampire, and delve deeper into the mystery of John’s relationship to the Ten Commandments Killer. All this and a solid feedback mailbag. I’d say we’ll see you next week, but I’d be lying, as AHS is taking the week of Thanksgiving off, and so are we. We’ll see you back two weeks from now!

HOTD: A House of the Dragon Podcast - 507 – The Gift

A.Ron and Jim discuss the latest Game of Thrones episode 507, “The Gift”… We discuss Dany playing her personal game of “F@&%, Kill, Marry” with the citizen’s of Meereen, the lack of enforcement on employment policies in minor league fighting pits, Sansa’s latest reversal of fortunes, er, worsening of fortunes, anyway, the Sand Snakes school of seduction, Sam and Gilly’s touching love story for the ages, and lots, lots more. All this and plenty of feedback, coming your way!

Speakeasy - 507 – “Friendless Child”

In this Speakeasy podcast, covering episode 507 of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, “Friendless Child”, Jim talks A.Ron off a ledge, they decide to write their own perfect conclusion to the series, they marvel at the level of dishevelment Eli Thompson brings to bear, wonder at just how terrible Willie is at avoiding kidnappings and traps, and…

Breaking Good - 507 – Say My Name

Tonight we mark the passing of one of the all time great television characters. The question remaining is how many iconic characters will we see go before this tragedy is all said and done? Will this really be an “everybody dies” situation? Can we hold out hope for Walt, Jesse, Skyler, Jr., Holly, Hank, Marie, or Saul? Only time will tell. Join us in our coverage of the penultimate episode of this mini-season of Breaking Bad, as we discuss the late, great Mantrout and his dead mackerel eyes, Skyler checking out, Jesse calling bullshit, meth pops, dirty DEA bosses, Gomey’s Look, Walt’s crocodile tears, and Walt’s newest lab assistant, little Ricky Hitler.