502 – Chutes and Ladders

In this podcast, covering American Horror Story: Hotel episode 502, “Chutes and Ladders”, we discuss the science of Glampires, origins of the Cortez, how the Ten Commandments killer could tie in with John’s backstory, and have a good old fashion show fist fight. All this, plus! Your horrifying feedback. Frost is on the pumpkin’s, ya’ll. See you next week!

502 – The House of Black and White

We’re back with another breakdown of HBO’s Game of Thrones series, this time for episode 502, “The House of Black and White”… We discuss awkward teenage dragons, how an Iron Coin based economy works, Brienne’s thrilling rides through the woods of Hazard County, Jaime’s two man Dornish invasion, Littlefinger’s marriage proposal for Sansa, Jon’s steadfast refusal to stand up and be the hero this series needs… but at least he got a nice promotion. All this plus tons of your great feedback, and hey! You can also save $50 bucks on a really awesome mattress by going to casper.com/got and using our exclusive Bald Move promo code, “GOT”. See you spoiler type people back for the official SpoiLORE cast Friday!

502 – The House of Black and White – Instant Take

Jim and A.Ron discuss the latest Game of Thrones episode, 502 “The House of Black and White”. A lot of interesting things for book readers and show watchers alike… Jon becomes the 998th Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, Brienne swears fealty to Lady Sansa, Arya takes up residence outside the aforementioned House, and Jaimie decides to pay a visit to his daughter in Dorne, where the Lannisters are none to popular… Rejoin us Tuesday for our full cast, where we’ll try to see where all of this is going, and consider a bunch of your thoughts and feedback as well.

502 – “Strangers”

In this week’s podcast, covering The Walking Dead episode 502, “Strangers”, we examine stealthy squirrel suits, submarine zombie warfare, weird Maggie/Tara vibes, the dreaded return of the fist bump, the art of the BoBBQ, and much more.  All this, tons of feedback, and some questions are asked and answered in our spoiler section tucked away…

502 – Madrigal

Breaking Bad comes roaring back this week with an awesome, instant classic episode. It had it all; great writing, great direction, great acting, humor, suspense… it’s hard to find something we didn’t like. We consider some show ratings news, our in depth recap, and consider your feedback.