What's Cooking in Hell's Kitchen – 206 – Regrets Only

Jim and A.Ron have no ragrets about episode 206 of Netflix’s Daredevil series, “Regrets Only”. Elektra keeps Matt on the hook (and engages in a nifty little caper infiltrating the Roxxon building), Karen softens up the Punisher, as Foggy craps his pants when their little pro-bono plea deal turns into the trial of a century at the mercy of a vengeful DA. Can Matt juggle unraveling the mystery of what the “Yakuza” is doing in his town, without letting Karen, Foggy, and Frank twist in the wind?

Better Cast Saul – 206 – Bali Ha’i

It’s episode 206 of Better Call Saul, “Bali Ha’i”, and the cameos keep coming. When will Jim’s hands start shaking worse than Mike after bouncing two wannabee tough guys out of his hacienda? We discuss the various deals, scams, and schemes that make up the bulk of this episode, undertake the complex task of figuring out what the chameleon Howard is all about, wonder what’s next for Mike, and worry about the future of Kim’s career. Is the S&C offer genuine, or an Akbar-esque trap. Lots more Star Wars analogies, feedback, and even Law Talk on offer this podcast.

Fargo – 206 – Rhinoceros

A.Ron is sick and the show notes are suffering for it. But this otherwise excellent podcast for Fargo’s extremely excellent episode 206, “Rhinoceros” managed to be recorded just before the precise instant he lost his voice. We talk a lot about Lou and Hank, the majesty that is Karl Weathers, Jabberwockies and aliens and just all kinds of stuff. And while A.Ron might be on death’s door, the email bag is quite healthy. Enjoy, take some vitamin C and get your flu shot, and we’ll see you next week!

Following The Leftovers – 206 – Lens

A.Ron and Jim have another insanely great experience in the insane world of “The Leftovers”, this one revolving around episode 206, “Lens”. We discuss the intense stare down between Nora and Erica, rocks thrown in glass houses, the mysteries that were revealed even as new ones are raised, subtle hints about the fate of the girls as revealed by the SDS’s questionnaire, a bunch of religious theories, Kevin’s confession, and much more, plus, tons of really great takes and feedback from our fellow fans. Also, we— wait, is that an eyelash on your cheek?