Game of Thrones – 705 – Eastwatch

Jim and A.Ron try to talk about an incredibly entertaining episode of HBO’s Game of Thrones, “Eastwatch”, while also dealing the the fact that the main thrust of the plot is dubious at best.  And we’re not talking about jetpacks or wonky numbers of ships and wagons, we’re talking about the main mission North of the Wall.  Why does anyone think this is a good idea?  On the other hand, we’ve come around on the Arya and Sansa intrigue, and there is a whole lot else to like… Gendry and Jon reprising Robert and Ned’s adventures. Davos showing off his sweet smuggling skills.  Drogon doing what Drogon does best, looking majestic AF and generally being jaw dropping in every scene he’s in, including the one where he gets his snout snuggled.  That’s impressive range for a fake dragon, ya’ll. All this, plus we got more emails than Davos has bad crab meat, and we’re back Friday to do it all over again, SpoiLORE style.  See you then!

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