S02E05 – Get Schwifty

Things get metaphysical in Rick and Morty episode “Get Schwifty”! Giant heads from space appear in low Earth orbit, causing massive ecological damage. Is it the End Times? Have new gods arrived? What if the new gods are Ryan Seacrest and Paula Abdul? Rick and Morty struggle to show them what Earth’s got, while the Smith’s at…

S02E03 – Auto Erotic Assimilation

“Auto Erotic Assimilation” is another landmark episode of Rick and Morty. It manages to be extremely funny, while tackling tough subjects such as free will, autonomy, racism, and ends with a major gut punch that never fails to land. Other things we ponder; the Smith family electric bill, the most vicious Beth v. Jerry fight thus far, and is Rick pan-sexual?

S02E02 – Mortynight Run

Morty has some troubled moral waters to navigate in Rick and Morty episode S02E02, “Mortynight Run”. Let his grandfather sell weapons to an assassin who just loves killin’, or chill with grandpa over at Blips and Chitz all day playing Roy? What ethos will eventually win out on R&M, Rick’s nihilism or Morty’s naive optimism, and what would…

S02E01 – A Rickle in Time

Morty and Summer’s indecisiveness leads to a very uncertain existence in Rick and Morty episode “A Rickle in Time”. The story is clever, the visuals a feast for the eye, and hearts are warmed by the end. Eh, if not warmed, then at least microwaved. Also, Beth surgically saves a stricken deer’s life to the beat of copyright-safe Enya.

S01E11 – Ricksy Business

Beth and Jerry take a cruise aboard the doomed steam ship Titanic in this season one finale of Rick and Morty, “Ricksy Business”. You’ll never believe this, but they’re not on the same page about enjoying their time together. Meanwhile Rick and Beth take advantage of the lack of parental oversight by throwing a pan-dimensional rager, despite the penalty for doing so being no more Rick and Morty. That leaves the Mort-man doing damage control, and I’m not saying he’s super successful, but you know, there is a season two in existence. Heck, we’ll start covering it tomorrow!

S01E09 – Something Ricked This Way Comes

Rick does battle with the Devil in Rick and Morty episode S01E09, “Something Ricked This Way Comes”. As far as we know, Georgia was not involved, thought I do remember seeing a fiddle. Meanwhile, Jerry’s intellectual insecurity entangles him into some sketchy inner-dwarf-planet politics. As always, our initial review and episode discussion are spoiler-free for first time…

S01E08 – Rixty Minutes

Grab a big bowl of Strawberry Smiggles, because it’s time for Inter-dimensional cable! “Rixty Minutes” is another signature Rick and Morty episode. You can’t go wrong with locking some talented improv artists in a recording booth and then having amazing animators bring whatever comes out of their mouth to life. And the B-plot brings a lot of of dark emotional truths to the Smith family.  

S01E07 – Raising Gazorpazorp

Rick and Morty has a lot to say about parenting and matriarchy in “Raising Gazorpazorp”. And the crude, repulsive creature that is the teenage boy. We debate the propriety and validity of the comedy built around the feminist utopia depicted here, because we figure the whole world can’t wait to hear what two dudes think about it. Plus, we brush up on our Latin and get Biblical to decipher important texts!