Growth Decay Transformation - S02E13 – “Truth or Consequences”

What makes for a satisfying ending? In “ABQ” we meet Mike Ehrmentraut when he gets a devastated Jesse prepared to call in Jane’s death, Walt gets his tumor removed before Skyler confronts him and asks him to leave, and Donald mourns the loss of his daughter before we see where all of those black and white teasers were heading when Wayfarer 515 crashes above the White household. The finale works as a conclusion that ties up so much of what the season has asked us to think about while setting things up for the future. The satisfaction it provides feels like a reward for paying attention. 

Growth Decay Transformation - S02E12 – “Daddy did That”

Are there any episodes that you dread rewatching? Your hosts break down one of the most heartbreaking episodes in the whole series, “Phoenix.” Walt makes the deal at the cost of missing Holly’s birth, is deeply offended by the concept of charity, gets blackmailed by Jane, has a highly coincidental meeting at a bar, and then watches Jane die. Y’know, a typical week in the life of a meth kingpin. But how responsible is Walt for Jane’s death? Is it really Jesse’s fault that Walt misses Holly’s birth? Why do Walt and Donald “other” Jesse’s “little junkie girlfriend” and Jane’s “scumbag” boyfriend, respectively? Join Pete and Courtney as they unpack the penultimate episode of season 2.

Growth Decay Transformation - S02E11 – “I Know a Guy”

If you find Skyler singing “Happy Birthday” cringey, you’re in good company. While it may be a scene that even made the crew feel uncomfortable, it’s an important one that gives clarity to Skyler’s choices. Speaking of fateful decisions, this is an episode teeming with them. Join hosts Courtney and Pete as they discuss Jesse’s downward spiral, Jane’s decision to join him there, and Walt’s first meeting with “the guy” (who knows another guy who apparently knows Saul). So put on your best corporate smile, grab a soda, and join your hosts as they ponder just how alike Walt and Gus are.

Growth Decay Transformation - S02E10 – “We’re So Excited About the Future”

Does Jesse have a type? When he feels rejected by Jane some comparisons to Walt start to emerge. More bad news, male kangaroos don’t have pouches. Junior gets his first taste of Tequila and what’s been bubbling up between Hank and Walt comes out in the worst possible way. But hey, they’re really excited about the future at the White house and Walt’s on the case to get rid of the rot. This is peak decay in Walt’s journey of growth, decay, and transformation, and as much as he’d like to become something different he’s looking a lot more like Heisneberg than even he understands.

Growth Decay Transformation - S02E08 – “A Criminal Lawyer”

Do you see Jimmy McGill or do you see Saul Goodman? First introduced to us as a cartoonish caricature in the eighth episode of season two, there’s a lot more to everyone’s favorite criminal lawyer than initially meets the eye. Saul offers much needed comic relief, but we know from BCS that underneath the hilarious quips and colorful, outlandish suits is a deeply wounded man. Join Pete and Courtney as they ponder Saul’s role in Walter White’s success, how fear affects Walt and Hank, and why Jane keeps “coming back” to Jesse.

Growth Decay Transformation - S02E06 – “A Good Rest of Your Life”

Everytime Gretchen makes an appearance on Breaking Bad, one of the Bald Move guys makes an appearance on GDT. A. Ron joins Pete and Courtney to discuss S2E06 “Peekaboo.” Saved by an ATM and a “rich girl just adding to her millions,” Jesse and Walt both get off the hook from dealing with matters they’d really rather not. Things don’t go as well for the Three Spooges, though. Mr. Spooge, in particular, is delivered a crushing blow. Join Pete, Courtney, and A. Ron as they discuss this memorable episode.

Growth Decay Transformation - S02E05 – “DBAA”

Do you know how many times Jesse calls Walt by his first name? You can count the number of times on one hand, so when he does, it is a big deal. Join Courtney and Pete as they take a deeper look at all the things that break in S02E05 “Breakage.” Hank, like his home-brewed Schraederbrau, threatens to explode and things come to a breaking point with Walt and Skyler.

Growth Decay Transformation - S02E04 – “Cold Shoulder”

Have you ever felt blue? Jesse Bruce Pinkman gets dyed blue in Down. The Smurf look is a not-so-subtle nod to the rising tensions between Skyler and Walt and the way in which Jesse himself is feeling. It’s pretty clear by this point in the show that Walt can’t keep his mouth shut, and thereby alienates Skyler. Pete and Courtney call into question Walt and Jesse’s belief that they are owed by their own families. Your hosts will sort through the emotional turmoil in the hardest episode of Breaking Bad to watch.