Breaking Good – 406 – Cornered


Thankfully there was no real news of note this week, because we were packed to the rafters with recap and feedback!

We discuss ineffectual truck defense systems, Walt unexpectedly switching up the Big Lie for the Big Truth, Eyebrows landing jabs, but in the end being humiliated by a Coke machine, Jesse with the shakes, Walt Jr. being bought off, Walt being a self centered dick and subcontracting out the dirty work, a four cornered coinflip, and TUCKER!!  Then Jesse shovels well, Mike polishes the Pinkman, Gus get’s a message, and Skyler protects the family from the man that protects the family that is protected by… wait.  Did this just become an Allstate Commercial?

We got TONS of feedback, which we tried our level best to share with you.  We had an epic Skyler rant, three legitimately brilliant theories, and a take on meth from someone who’d know.  Also, listener Matthew M. sent in video evidence that not even dogs are immune to Breaking Bad’s charm.  We also announce our “name Jesse’s band” contest winner, and announce our intention to do a Walking Dead podcast this fall.

In the spoiler section we discuss our thoughts of what Walt could do to be unlikable in our eyes, a recent interview with RJ Mitte, scenes from the next Breaking Bad, and how the cartel and Gus situation could be resolved.

Even without setting a specific goal, we raked in over 20 iTunes reviews.  Thank you, you guys are amazing, that kind of support really keeps us going.  As we hope is evident in our cast, we love getting your thoughts, speculation, and/or feedback, so keep emailing it to us,  or share it with us on Twitter or Facebook.  We’ll use as much as time permits on the air.  One of these week’s we won’t be able to get to it all, but if that ever happens, we will at the very least personally respond  to you.   Next week is “Problem Dog,” and I’ll be MIA for much of the week, but Jim has promised to hold down the Breaking Bad News fort.  So keep checking right here for your daily news recap.  Thanks again for listening!

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