Bald Movies – Bald Movies

Hey guys, It’s been a fun experiment, but we’ll be discontinuing the Bald Movies effective immediately. The response to the pay for content didn’t really work out (we didn’t quite cover the costs of tickets and soda for the movies, haha). We wanted to close out this final week, but the server being down and…

Up Yours, Downstairs!

Up Yours, Downstairs! – The Meek Shall Inherit Your Manor

Kelly and Tom recap Manor House E2 and return to snarking as usual .  After they catch up on their long-neglected correspondence, Tom develops strong feelings about fox hunting while Kelly imagines a Twilight-esque love triangle with Rob and Charlie.  Meanwhile, back at Manderston, Monsieur Dubiard makes Mrs. Patmore look like Santa Claus, Mr. Edgar…

The Because Show – Ep 34 – Questions Answered

Do you put salt in your coffee? What is ‘too nice’ anyway? Have you ever been judgmental about swingers? Many questions. Some answers. Amy, Susan and Jerilyn ask and ponder  in the latest episode of The Because Show! Thanks for listening and if you have a comment or feedback, hit us up on fb or HomeFries!

Bald Movies – Movie Poll – June 29th, 2012

[poll id=”5″] Here are the movies premiering this Friday in our area.  Vote for the one you’d like us to watch and review! Magic Mike Tyler Perry’s Witness Protection Ted People Like Us

Bald Movies – Brave (2012)

Well what do you know?  A bonus-bonus cast!  Voting was so close for this week’s movies we decided to do both, one with me and Jim, and one with NotJim, my girlfriend.  As a head strong, rebellious redhead, I thought she could bring some thunder to a cast covering “Brave”, which features a head strong, rebellious redhead.  Did we strike more Pixar gold, or was this a Cars 2ish lump of coal?

Bald Movies – Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012)

The third Bald Movie, “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” was an interesting choice for us.  Based on the book by the same title, (and screenwritten by the same author), I had started to talk myself into the notion that this movie could be cool; after all, Abraham Lincoln is the kind of historic figure that has the larger than life biography to fit something like vampire hunting into his life’s nooks and crannies, the Civil War provides an always fascinating background for great stories to be told, and, you know.  Vampires.  What did we think in the end?

News – Movie Poll – June 22nd, 2012

[poll id=”4″] Here are the movies premiering this Friday in our area.  Vote for the one you’d like us to watch and review. Trailers: Brave Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Seeking a Friend for the End of the World


The Because Show – Ep 33 – Happy Birthdamy

It’s a beautiful episode with all three of your favorite podcast hosts with plenty to talk about jam-packed into this fifty-one minute show. We talk the talk and we walk the walk… Oh, and it happens to be Amy’s BIRTHDAY too!


Bald Movies – Rock of Ages (2012)

Our coverage of the first listener assigned movie, the 80’s rock musical extravaganza “Rock of Ages”.  In this episode, we meet a fan, discuss the trailers we saw, what we thought of the movie, and meditate on Tom Cruise’s facility at portraying megalomaniacal super stars and G-rated strip clubs in the spoiler section.