Watching Dead - A Walking Dead Podcast – Mid-Season 4.0 Wrap Up

It was the best of seasons (Internment), it was the worst of seasons (Dead Weight), but while it ended on a very bleak note for our survivors, it nevertheless was a positive and hopeful way to end things from a storytelling and general quality standpoint. Jim and A.Ron are willing to give the Gimple a mulligan on the Governor business, and we have many reasons to look forward to season 4.5. Give our “wrap up” cast a listen to find out why, in addition to our thoughts on Zombie Survival Dream Teams (a call alllll the way back to Blue Yonder episode 9!), Daryl’s “BAsexuality”, Judith’s ultimate fate, how our pre-season survival predictions fared, tons of your feedback, and a jam packed spoiler section.

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