Watching Dead - A Walking Dead Podcast – 706 – Swear

Jim and A.Ron wonder if it’s all worth it anymore after seeing a historically bad episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead, number 706, “Swear”.  Aside from being the dreaded single POV focus episode featuring a second-tier character, so much of this made no sense and seemed pointless.  From the zombie action sequences involving improbable combinations of dump trucks and sand, to the 538th, 539th, and 540th time we’ve heard one character bemoan the degradation of humanity to another, to questionable directorial and editing decisions, a lot of time and effort was spent to tell us of the existence of a community with an axe to grind against the Saviors that is heavily armed but suffering a shortage of effective warriors.  Gee, where ever could we find a place that is disarmed with a crew of killers with itchy trigger fingers?  We’re just one broken promise away from getting that creamy peanut butter inside that chocolate folks.  Oh, and Heath has gone missing.  “PPP” is somehow involved.  And Tara has some weird tattoo.  And we have feedback!  Is this thing on?  Is anyone still listening?! YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT IT’S LIKE OUT THERE!  THEY AIN’T US!  HERE’S NOT HERE!

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