Watching Dead - A Walking Dead Podcast – 608 – Start to Finish

The Walking Dead schleps it’s way to a mid-season finale, “Start to Finish”, and we’re right beside it, covered in guts, shambling right along.

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Unfortunately the mid-season finale was kind of blah.  It wasn’t especially good, and it wasn’t especially bad, but in the context of wrapping things up for a long hiatus, that means it’s not doing it’s job.  Lots of monologing about ideas we don’t care much about between characters we’re not interested, a few really fantastic pieces of writing and performance for Deanna that are undermined by how we feel going into the episode about the character, and more sloppily staged action and set pieces.  But, we’re not done!  We’ll be back next week to wrap things up and try to generate some excitement for the next half.  Hopefully you’ll help out.  Send us your predictions, thoughts, complaints, praises, and spoilers and we’ll talk about them next Tuesday!

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