Watching Dead - A Walking Dead Podcast – 407 – “Dead Weight”

If you’re a true-blue Walking Dead fan and loved this episode and couldn’t get enough of the Governor or his storyline, this might not be the cast for you. A.Ron straight up hates it, and Jim likes it but only if he grants that the entire two episode arc is an unnecessary distraction from what’s going on with Rick and his group at prison. So yeah. Everybody else, come join us for a bonfire of the last two episodes of this sometimes great, mostly uneven circus that we call The Walking Dead.

We discuss the speed of lesbian relationships, leaky roofs, the fatal error that is trying to share power with the Governor, sending messages via corpse, Gimple donning the Bacon Gauntlet of Hamfistedness with multiple levels of Governor allegory, and the limits of brotherly love. All this, your feedback, and our patented spoiler section that is a bit of a mess itself. And despite it all, believe it or not, we are PUMPED for next week. We’ll see you this Sunday!

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