Watching Dead – 406 – “Live Bait”

I can’t remember an episode of television this polarizing that we’ve covered, but that’s what you get with The Walking Dead episode 406, “Live Bait.”  People loved it, people hated it, people were extremely confused by it.  What did we think?  Listen and find out, as we discuss the Window of Broken Dreams, the horrors of living with 4 people trapped in an apartment with no indoor plumbing and an endless supply of “beeferino”, the Governor’s epic beard, sexual intercourse in the land of no-bedrooms, fist-bumping, tough-talking, police academy flame-out lesbians,  and A.Ron completely giving up the pretense of trying to pronounce Martin Ass’s name correctly.  All this, your thought provoking feedback, and a nicely rounded spoiler section concealed at the very end of the cast for the safety of those with sensitive ears!

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