The Because Show – Ep 109 – Me Lost My Cookie

We set our sights high and our necklines low on this episode! So many things to talk about including the new Limited Edition Cookie Dough Oreo. And the Watermelon Oreo, even! Also, we reveal the keys to life – some elemental fundamentals that make life worth living like Cookie Monster, gift-giving and Kitten Pop-Ups.
Also, Jerilyn waxes eloquently about Bobbi Brown Beach oil and Byredo scented candles. It’s her jam! Don’t just mask a nasty odor with a nasty aroma – but use that fragrance to make your space smell amazing!! If you want to reach out to us, there are plenty of ways: our voicemail at 818-643-1565. Or Facebook. Or twitter @thebecause. Or email to Plenty of ways, people!