TAPS – EP.5 A pat on the butt

Hey folks Welcome back!!!

If you managed to tolerate us this long, what is one more episode going to hurt? This is it we made it to our 5th podcast! That’s right, JHatt and Jazzy celebrate being on the air for 5 casts.

In this episode JHatt goes into the oral history of his bad luck with grills and Jazzy will fill you in on how to dodge bullets when on the run from the police.

We bring you the newest updates in the entertainment news:

  • Superman locates his mom for The Man of Steel.
  • Coen brothers go beatnik with their next film.
  • Captain America is no tool in his latest movie  trailer
  • The King of Kongs to take on Terrible Bosses and War games.
  • Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol French trailer gets released and is so good we lose Jazzy in the process of delivery.
  • Blockbuster comes up for another round with a little help from the dish.

…and much much more.


Stick around for our special look into the death of Ryan Dunn, as only a bunch of Jack Asses could. Comic reviews of  Marvels Incredible Hulks issues #630 and 631.  Then we round it out with, yep that’s right folks, it’s back to our things that piss us off.


So strap in and enjoy the ride this is the Amazingly Pulp Show!