Empire Business – Advertising 2019

In this episode of Empire Business, Jim and I take another look at the seedy side of podcasting; advertising. We’ve got a new backend host to show off, a new ad partner, some thoughts on advertising and our philosophy regards it, and some exciting news about a partnership with Starburns Audio for an upcoming high profile project!


Empire Business – 2019 Video Strategy

Welcome back to the Empire Business, a podcast series designed to give you a more transparent look into the day to day decisions and inner workings of Bald Move, exclusively for our club members.  This installment talks about our strategy for building a video audience to compliment our existing podcast one, how we’ll be using Twitch and Youtube in the future to successfully implement that strategy, and what this means for you, as a Club member. 


Breaking News RE: the Club!

Hey everybody. We have had to temporarily take down the ability to sign up new Club members because shady bags of crap were using our system to automatically test tens of thousands of stolen credit cards. This does not affect any Club member, your account wasn’t compromised, and none of your card information was stolen,…


Empire Business – Studio Tour 2018

As we move out of the studio we’ve been in for the past 2 years, we thought we’d give a quick tour of our technical setup as well as all of the decorations and other stuff you don’t get to see in our usual videos. This space has served us well but the next studio will be bigger, better, and hopefully more professional.


Empire Business – Advertising

In light of our recent visit to Podcast Movement as well as some stats measurement changes, we feel it’s time to revisit the topic of advertising in this week’s Empire Business. We cover everything from an update on our success / failures with advertising, the overall podcast advertising metrics, and even our opinions on the way podcast advertising is handled.


Empire Business – Club Bald Move Update 2018

This is the first episode of the  2018 season of Empire Business, where we take a look behind the scenes and at the bottom line here at Bald Move. In the weeks ahead, we’ll be talking about our financials, advertising, networking, our future plans, and much more. Today we’ll be looking at The Club, which is both the backbone and lifeblood to Bald Move. If your interested in a deep dive on growth, subscriber retention, and serialized Club content, this is the podcast / video for you! 

Bald Move Premium

State of the Empire – Fall 2017

Welcome to our latest effort to give Bald Move Club Members a transparent look into the day to day decisions and inner workings of the Bald Move empire.  Today, we take a long awaited look into our 2017 financial situation.  We discuss the impact the “Save Bald Move” campaign had (spoiler: it saved Bald Move), the immense amount of Game of Thrones traffic we got in July and the attending performance of the GoT club membership sale, the advertising bonanza we had, how we make projections, and how things are looking for 2018.  For you nervous nellies out there, relax, the news is all good!  Finally, we discuss plans for the future.  And give thanks, because without you, we wouldn’t be here today.  THANK YOU!