American Horror Story Podcast - 601 – Chapter 1

A.Ron and Cecily take a peek at the super-mysterious season six of FX’s American Horror Story, which turns out to take the form of “My Roanoke Nightmare”. We break down all of the Juicy goodness on hand, give valuable life advice on how to survive car accidents and hot tub death traps, and discuss fair market value of real estate before considering lots our fellow fan’s observations and insights. How long can the show push it’s weird show within a show format? Stay tuned, and find out.

House of Cards - 101 – “Chapter One” Instant Take

In this episode, we’re introduced to the world of the ambitious U.S. Representative Francis “Frank” Underwood. Quick thinking, scheming, ever shifting loyalties and strategies are the hallmarks of what makes “House of Cards” great. Join Jim and A.Ron as we break down the action and principle characters as the embark on their Season One marathon.…