Bald Move Pulp – Star Trek: Beyond (2016)

Jim’s on vacation, so filling in his spot is Cecily, A.Ron’s co-host on the American Horror Story Podcast, True Blood Authority, Penny Earful, and life.  A.Ron approaches the film from the perspective of a life long Trek fan, Cecily approaches it more from the casual fan perspective, but both are in agreement that this installment of Trek can best be described as “mediocre”.  The parts of it that work, really do work, as the effects are top notch and the cast continues to nail their homages to classic Trek characters.  It’s just that every single other aspect of the film is either generic or poorly executed.  Enjoy our spoiler free review, but if you want to hear the full podcast, you’ll have to be a Club Bald Move Member.  See you next week for Jason Bourne! 

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