Bald Move Pulp – Cinema Spooktacular 2018: The Spookquel! – Vol. 1

Welcome to Cecily and A.Ron’s second annual Cinema Spooktacular! During the month of October, we like to watch scary movies, and then talk about them on a podcast. Perhaps you’d care to join? Stay awhile… stay FOREVER! Muahahahahaha!  This year we’re going to do multiple Spooktaculars in a (mostly failed) effort to get these out quicker. On this podcast, we discuss…

  • 00:00:00 – Intro and spoiler free reviews of all movies featured
  • 00:25:30 – Are We Not Cats?
  • 00:39:28 – The Endless
  • 00:53:42 – Mom and Dad
  • 00:57:54 – Hereditary

Other horror movies that we’ve covered in 2018 include Annihilation, A Quiet Place, The Little Stranger, The Nun, and Mandy if you want to get caught up on spook season! We’ll be back early next week with the final installment of The Spookuel!

Intro/outro: Free Scary Music by Joro Gaming

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