Personal Arrogants – Episode 126: Flick, Stick, or Nom

PARamEpisode 126 is here! We loved all of the Facebook topic suggestions that you gave us this week, and tried to integrate all of them into this episode. Fan-built, fun, fast, and furious. On the show:

• Listener Feedback (12:37)

• Beer Therapy (20:32)

• Using Animals as Melee Weapons (32:33)

• Trivia! (44:14)

• The One-Finger Salute (47:07)

• Our Predictions for the Elder Scrolls MMO (56:27)

• Recommendations (1:06:39)

And don’t forget about the Bald Move network meetup, February 1st at 8:00 p.m. at the Avery Brewery in Boulder, Colorado. See all you Rocky Mountain listeners there!

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