News – Personal Arrogants joins Bald Move

Bald Move LogoOur personal friends over at the Personal Arrogants podcast have decided to join up with Jim, Madbrew, and myself here at the Bald Move network.  Their cast — similar to but superior in every way to our old Blue Yonder podcast — aims to bridge the gap between pop culture and nerd culture, but I think that sells them short.  They really cover everything, from board and video games, to movies and music, books and beer, and they’re funny as hell.

What will this change at Bald Move?  Nothing.  We’re still going to be bringing the thunder on our various TV podcasts.  We’ll just have another entertaining podcast feed option, and there will be another Facebook and Tweet post or two each week announcing their latest shows.

How did this all go down?  Allow me to recount a brief history of Bald Move and Personal Arrogants.  Jim and I, a long, long time ago, started podcasting with another friend about general geek topics.  The three amigos became just me and Jim around the 1 year mark of the show’s run, for reasons that aren’t important now.  Let me tell you all something, it is really TOUGH to stand out in the “general geekery” subgenre of podcasting.  You have to scrape and hustle for every fan you get. One of our fans (Stafa, who by the way now runs his own successful gaming podcast over at Out of Continues) suggested that we pick another geek podcast out and declare war on them.

So we did.  It turns out the boys at PA had been laboring on this podcast in Seattle about as long as we’d been working on BY here in Indianapolis, so they seemed to be good targets.  Not so big that they’d ignore our gambit, but not so small we felt like we were picking on them.  We launched a sneaky and diabolical audio attack in what in retrospect feels like a really shitty episode of Blue Yonder, but what the hell, you go to war with what  you got.  Over the next few weeks, various shots were fired, we raided their ustream recording sessions, funny emails were exchanged, and then the unimaginable happened… we started liking these assholes.

I’m not sure when we flipped the switch from “enemies” to “frienemies”, to just plain old “friends”, but I know that when we met up at PAX East in 2011 the transition had already started.  We really had a blast hanging out with these guys, and when we followed it up with a trip to PAX Prime in Seattle (their hometown), the feud had been well and truly put to bed.  We moved on to TV, they got to keep their corners in the geek sphere and all was good.  We had several productive teleconferences on how to improve our craft, we did a few mutual casts, and now, almost two years after we declared war, they’re joining us.

I know a lot of you probably don’t care about all of this, and that’s cool.  But them joining our ranks gives us some new possibilities. Obviously it will be nice to have a few guys that can step in and help Jim or me out if any of us are sick or have some other personal emergency.  Frankly it’s a miracle that we haven’t really missed a cast yet, because we’ve had some close calls.  And as far as the future goes, we have a few ideas of what we can do with five seasoned podcasters all contributing towards content, but that will have to wait for another news post.  Our hope is to provide you, the listener, with more entertaining shows.

We’re excited to have Eric and Jesse joining our merry little band, and I hope you guys check them out and they brighten up your week like they do mine.