Orange is the New Cast - 309 – “Where My Dreidel At?”

Pi’ilani joins me once again to break down the happenings on Orange is the New Black episode 309, entitled “Where My Dreidel At?” In this podcast, we discuss Chang-feet-tea, Soso’s mishandling of a penitent Leanne, Leanne’s secret Amish heritage, as the cult of Norma undergoes some growing pains. Also, Pensatucky’s park trips to feed the ducks gets very weird, and very dark, Piper and Alex do annoying Piper and Alex things, and the jig is up on the Kosher food scam.

Orange is the New Cast - 308 – “Fear and Other Smells”

A.Ron is once again joined by Kelly from Up Yours, Downstairs! fame as we discuss the latest episode of Orange is the New Black, number 308, “Fear and Other Smells”. We discuss prison paranoia, our thoughts on the Ruby Rose phenomenon, Suzanne’s erotic space opera and it’s insight into the tension between creators and fans of the creator’s works, and much more!

Orange is the New Cast - 307 – “Tongue Tied”

Hello, and welcome back from our brief hiatus as we continue our coverage of Orange is the New Black, this time talking about episode 307, “Tongue Tied”, AKA the one about the magical Norma. Joining me this week is Nina from Project Fandom, as we discuss the enigmatic Ruby Rose, Norma’s cultish backstory (and increasingly cultish present), lesbian failures, Rule 34 of the Internet, intergalactic space smut courtesy of Suzanne’s beautiful mind, and lots of other stuff including a smattering of feedback from our fellow inmates. See you Friday!

Orange is the New Cast - 304 – “Finger in the Dyke”

A.Ron is joined by Pi’ilani, podcaster for hire (appearances include The Because Show, The Walking Dead ‘Cast, among many others) to break down episode 304 of Orange is the New Black, “Finger in the Dyke”. A.Ron and Pi’ilani discuss Big Boo’s origin story, some touching moments between quasi-step-sisters Susanne and Tastee, a bunch of dumb crap with Alex and Piper, as well as the same with Daya and Bennett. All this against the backdrop of Litchfield being investigated by a company that is interested in privatizing the prison. Plot twist; every female inmate that is biologically capable of menstruation is on her period. Bum, bum, DUMMMMM!

Orange is the New Cast - 302 – “Bed Bugs and Beyond”

A.Ron and Nina from Project Fandom tag team episode 302 of Netflix’s Orange is the New Back, “Bed Bugs and Beyond”. In this episode, we’re both pretty much over Alex and Piper before it even starts up again, we’re charmed by Caputo and revolted by Healy, and we have some real talk about Lysol based feminine hygiene, and try to decide if having Cesar as a dad beats having no dad at all.

Orange is the New Cast - 301 – “Mother’s Day”

A.Ron is back with his all-star cast of women in podcasting, to tackle season three of Netflix’s Orange is the New Black series. First up at bat is Cecily, and we talk about the changes at Litchfield after the sudden departure of Vee and Figero, Caputo actually being good at his job, Piper still being pretty terrible, the trainwreck that is Daya and John’s relationship, and lots of feelings about mothers conjured up by Poussey and Maria. We hope you’ll join in our our binge casting as we’ll be banging out two of these a week until we’re finished with the season. See you in a couple of days!