What's Cooking in Hell's Kitchen - 211, 212, 213 – .380, The Dark at the End of the Tunnel, A Cold Day in Hell’s Kitchen

Jim and A.Ron blitz through the final three episodes (“.380”, “The Dark at the End of the Tunnel”, and “A Cold Day in Hell’s Kitchen”) of Netflix’s Daredevil and fight hundreds of mystic ninja warriors just so we can get our takes and yours out while they’re still hot. Ultimately, we’re conflicted, as overall this is a strong (but not stronger) follow up to the promise of the first season, but there are enough dangling threads and murky motivations and plot points to be as frustrating as it is satisfying.

What's Cooking in Hell's Kitchen - 210 – The Man in the Box

Daredevil’s episode 210, “The Man in the Box” is a helluva episode. Featuring a magnetic confrontation between the Kingpin and Matt, a nice mystery for Karen to sink her teeth into, some creepy Children of the Corn vibes, not to mention more ninjas than you can shake a shuriken at, we’re really pleased with the shape Daredevil has rounded itself into coming down the home stretch.

What's Cooking in Hell's Kitchen - 209 – Seven Minutes in Heaven

Daredevil really kicks it up a notch in episode 209, “Seven Minutes in Heaven”! Featuring several fantastic and brutal fights and some equally brutal emotional confrontations, the Kingpin takes over prison, the Punisher gets unleashed upon Hell’s Kitchen once more, and Matt walks a lonely path to protect his friends and loved ones from danger even as The Hand’s latest attempt to create a Dark Sky takes a creepy, disturbing turn.

What's Cooking in Hell's Kitchen - 208 – Guilty as Sin

Daredevil episode 208, “Guilty as Sin” is before the jury. What will be the verdict? On the one hand, we have great fight scenes, a rapidly expanding mythology that’s managing to stay on Jim’s sweet side, and some nice court scenes with Foggy. On the other hand, we’re really wondering WTF is going on with Frank, there are some pretty bad courtroom scenes with Foggy and Karen, and Matt’s punch in leiu of dialog is wearing out us as fast as it is Stick. See you Wednesday!

What's Cooking in Hell's Kitchen - 207 – Semper Fidelis

In episode 207 of Netflix’s Daredevil, “Semper Fidelis”, Foggy and Karen fight for Frank’s freedom, while Matt abandons his friends and client to pursue the larger goal of keeping Hell’s Kitchen safe. Foggy and Karen have some things to say about that, and it’s pretty glorious. At the same time, Matt seems concerned that he’s inching ever closer to the “one bad day” that the Punisher warned him was in his future, where the lines between justice and vengeance blur and become unrecognizable. Also, Daredevil and Elektra discover a giant hole. What’s up with that? All this a bunch of feedback from your fellow fans. See you Monday for more!

What's Cooking in Hell's Kitchen - 206 – Regrets Only

Jim and A.Ron have no ragrets about episode 206 of Netflix’s Daredevil series, “Regrets Only”. Elektra keeps Matt on the hook (and engages in a nifty little caper infiltrating the Roxxon building), Karen softens up the Punisher, as Foggy craps his pants when their little pro-bono plea deal turns into the trial of a century at the mercy of a vengeful DA. Can Matt juggle unraveling the mystery of what the “Yakuza” is doing in his town, without letting Karen, Foggy, and Frank twist in the wind?

What's Cooking in Hell's Kitchen - 205 – Kinbaku

“Kinbaku” is the Japanese art of decorative rope bondage, but Jim and A.Ron are wondering what other “tight binds” this episode has Matt getting into. A dangerous former flame re-enters his life just as things get hot between Matt and Karen, Foggy is back to being Foggy, as a extended flashback gives a glimpse into the high speed train wreck that is Elektra Natchios and Matt Murdock, as she seems hellbent on another violent affair.

What's Cooking in Hell's Kitchen - 204 – Penny and Dime

Episode 204 of Netflix’s Daredevil series, “Penny and Dime” is here, and Jim in particular has a lot of problems with his perceived lack of frank talk among concerned friends. We talk about that, the adventures of Karen Page, P.I., Matt and Karen starting to officially ‘ship, Jon Bernthal’s superior graveside performance, and Daredevil’s relationship with the NYPD.

What's Cooking in Hell's Kitchen - 203 – New York’s Finest

Third episode, third Punisher vs. Daredevil battle, can Matt keep up this pace? Can the show? We discuss all that is episode 203, “New York’s Finest”, from Matt and Frank’s dueling psych evaluations, Foggy’s flop at the hospital, Karen’s writer-assisted domination at the DA’s office, and debate superhero morality before kicking it to the listeners to discuss feedback

What's Cooking in Hell's Kitchen - 202 – Dogs to a Gunfight

Episode 202 of Netflix’s “Daredevil” keeps the pedal to the metal as we get yet another titanic Punisher vs. Daredevil sequence, this time featuring a greatly weakened and perhaps fool hearty Matt, who still hasn’t recovered from the damage inflicted from the previous battle. To add to his troubles, his friends are justifiably worried for his life, his armorer seems to be balky about keeping his suit in fighting trim, and his client is being shafted by a shifty D.A. Still, the two rivals are learning a great deal about each other, which can’t be good… can it?