Breaking Good – Breaking Bad News – Friday 07/22/11 Edition

Dammit, I posted yesterday’s news under the Blue Yonder section by mistake.  I’ll try not to make the same mistake going forward.  They’re just awfully close together in the “Categories” box in wordpress.  Moving on…

I really identified with a few points in this article in the Sioux City Journal by the AP.  Ever since watching Breaking Bad, and The Wire, for that matter, every time I see a cash based business I think “hmmm… shopkeep seems a bit too well dressed.  I wonder what kind of game they’re running with the books?”  It’s also amazing how the cancer plot line has been completely dropped in the show since the remission.  I know it’s coming back, with a vengeance, probably, at some point.  But right now it’s not even on the radar.  I think it’s great how the show is handling this particular piece of misdirection.

I was so happy to see this article outlining all of the music used in Breaking Bad from AMC.  I hope they keep it updated as the series releases.  I mean, they even list the muffled hip-hop coming from Walt Jr.’s bedroom!  They also have the collected music from seasons 1 and 2 available for purchase on Amazon (the real reason they’re doing this, no doubt), but if I could make one request, AMC, it would be to hot link the singles from seasons 3 and 4, or that are otherwise unavailable on the CD to the tracks at iTunes or Amazon.  As it is, it’s just a cut and paste google search away, but that would be more convenient.   I’m a sucker for their musical choices; I just bought both Tee Double’s “Bringing It Back” and Alex (Alexander) Ebert’s “Truth”.

I thought Marie’s Blog posted yesterday at AMC was a lot more revealing than Hank’s.  I said on the podcast that it’s weird what an about face her character has done from a fundamentally selfish, shallow, and self-absorbed character in the beginning to the selfless fighter for her husband’s best interests, and apparently the show writers haven’t forgotten this either.  “Yes, I remember about the whole ‘for better or worse, in sickness and in health’ business, but nobody every warns you about the possibility of endless crappy days where it seems like nothing is ever going to get better. I spend every moment afraid that Hank is never going to walk and I’m going to smell like Lysol for the rest of my life.”  So I don’t think her change is all that fundamental, nor is it going to be permanent if Hank doesn’t come to Jesus on this PT, and the thing is, he’s being such a negative asshole I can’t say I blame her.  Good god, Gilligan!  You’ve got me defending Marie now?!

I don’t think I’ve stated this outright before, but Breaking Bad News runs Monday through Friday.  I’m taking the weekends off to work on other projects and, you know, have fun.  Three weeks in, Jim and I are really excited and thrilled to be having the positive feedback and support of our fellow Breaking Bad fans.  We really appreciate it!  If you want to get our attention, you can DM us at @BreakGood on twitter, email us, or jump in the forums.  Have a great weekend, everybody, and I’ll see you in the wee hours of Monday morning with our instant takes on episode 402, “Thirty Eight Snub!”