Blue Yonder – Hyperbowl – Episode 73

Busy week for A.Ron and Jim.  A.Ron breaks down his various trials and tribulations including a Jim Jones mindfuck, a breakup, getting his PANFI on with his boy, and golfing in Satan’s Asshole.  We also launched a very successful podcast on Breaking Bad, and were interviewed on The Amazingly Pulp SHOOOOOOOWWWWWW!! We bring the listeners up do date with some follow up to the male privelidge aspect of our cast with Madbrew last week.  I don’t know what to make of this take, in particular, of a feminist pondering male privildge through the prism of her own white privlidge.  I don’t doubt the basic truth of her premise, but I’m not sure what to do with this information.

We get excited about the upcoming GENCON and PAX events in August, and the breeding habbits of werecabbages.

And that’s just the bullshit! The meat is formed from an article at Wired about the new video game based “religion” of Chain World.  We cover the twists, turns, and wheels within wheels turning within this story.  Jim challenges you, the listener, to try and pervert and annoy us with our very own cast, and releases a vast swath of our show’s library under the Creative Commons license to facilitate this.

Then we lose our shit over a video two harpies and a man without testicles or common sense made about it not being normal for men in their 30s and beyond to play video games.  This leads to a larger discussion of relationships and gender privilege.  Jim previews the upcoming mindfuck episode, and then we half-ass listener feedback.

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