Breaking Good – Breaking Bad Mid-Season Five Wrap Up

Welcome to the mid-season wrap of for season five of Breaking Bad!  In this we turn the podcast over to you, the listener.  After a few show notes and news discussion, we discuss your takes, insights, and speculations, and dish a bit of our own in between.

A few things we discuss in our show that we wanted to put in our notes, first fellow fan Andrew Zimmerman’s has submitted some new theme music that’s totally awesome, and also banging.  Check it out at the end of our cast and let us know if we should add it to our pre-show rotation!  Finally, we mention one of the best ways to get introduced to The Walking Dead, our next podcast project, is by watching the Apocalypse Fan Edit version that, much like a George Foreman grill, cuts out the fat leaving the juicy succulent meat for your enjoyment.  Note that to ethically enjoy the Apocalypse Fan Edit, you must have a license to the original media, either on DVDBluray, or perhaps iTunes subscription.

See you next year, or hopefully in October for the Watching Dead!

Intro: Breaking Mad by Dienst&Schulter

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