Breaking Good – 313 – Full Measure

In what is probably going to be the last Bald Move Breaking Bad podcast ever, we discuss the awesome season three finale that is episode 313, “Full Measure”. So much to talk about, from a back to the beginning’s cold open that has us rethinking what we know about Walt, to Mike planting his flag as an all time great in BrBa history, and the irrevocable moral choices that are going to have impacts that reverberate through the rest of the series.

It’s a great way to end things, and if this is your first time through, by all means continue to enjoy our complete coverage of one of the all time great television shows through seasons four and five. I envy you. If, like us, this is your second, third, or millionth time through, I hope you’ve enjoyed our three season retrospective watch. It has been a blast! Bring on season two of Better Call Saul!

Intro: Breaking Mad by Dienst&Schulter

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