Breaking Good – Season One Wrap Up

Jim and A.Ron sign off the Breaking Bad airwaves until sometime in November 2014, but we have a few things to say before we do.  We talk about Breaking Bad’s relationship to Fargo, a listener calls BS on giving Walt a pass on his “authentic” decision making, and we do a deep dive on Hank and Walt’s relationship as we play a little bit of “what if” in the spoiler section.

Please, if you haven’t already, check out the ABQ Breaking Bad Fan Fest!  We’ll be there, we hope to see you out as well!  Join us to see the classic BrBa locations, hang with your fellow fans and cast and crew, grab a wiener from the Dog House, play some trivia, get your cosplay on for the costume contest (and check out our guide to being a best dressed Breaking Bad fan!), and much more.  Hope to see you there, November 7th and 8th in the A.B.Q.

Intro: Breaking Mad by Dienst&Schulter

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