Breaking Good – 101 – Pilot

We’re back, bitches! It’s summer, and I’m sure everyone is missing their Breaking Bad fix. Well cheer up, because Jim and A.Ron are here to re-watch the whole first season with you! Each Thursday we’ll be recapping and reviewing a new episode. Follow along with us and pitch in on the feedback!

This week we discuss the hour long pilot episode, creatively called “Pilot”. We talk sad b-day hand jobs, Hank’s gun handling, Walt Jr’s love affair with breakfast, and divulge some behind the scenes info on the casting and production process. We consider some light feedback, and then get into the spoiler section where we highlight some foreshadowing and call backs that the Villigan is so famous for!

If you’re dying for a deeper dive, check out the Heisenberg Chronicles companion piece for our re-watch podcast!

Intro: Breaking Mad by Dienst&Schulter

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