Blue Yonder – Rise from your Grave! – Episode 77

What?  Do my ears deceive me?  Is that Helix Nebula I hear?  It can’t be?  A new Blue Yonder?!  Yes, while it is true that we put BY in mothballs to concentrate on TV casting, every once in a while we feel the need to cut loose and get a little old-school, off-topic ranty, and our brief off-season has provided us just such an opportunity.  If you’re a fan of our TV-focused casts, like Breaking Good or Watching Dead, there’s probably not a lot for you here, but if you like general geek/gaming topics you might enjoy it.  For all of our old, die-hard fans, welcome back!

Join Jim and A.Ron as we discuss just what the hell we’ve been up to the past four months and our latest gaming endeavors (including Settlers of Catan, Stratego, Battles of Westeros, Batman Arkham City, and of course, Skyrim).  We rant about the ludicrous situation that downloadable patches and locked save games has brought to us, talk a little bit of TV (of course), reminece about our Great War with Personal Arrogants, and read the last feedback we got on the cast way back in August.  Jim gives an update on our experiment with a “listener sourced cast”.  Finally, A.Ron fulfills a promise to donate some cash to his favorite charity, Child’s Play.

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