Blue Yonder – Winter Formal – Episode 41

The guys get formal and get geeky in this week’s episode.  Up front is a lengthy discussion of gaming mice, as Jim breaks down every aspect of the oft-overlooked HID-Compliant device.  Breaks it down into its constituent atoms.  Breaks it down so it’ll never get back up.

At the 58 minute mark, we get into discussion of the joint NASA/USGS research discovering a new form of “alien” life right here on Earth.  Finally, right around the 1:19 mark we unveil a new segment and unleash our fire spitting pineal glands at rival podcast Personal Arrogants in a little something we call the Two Minutes Hate.  Prove your fealty by joining in.  Remember, Big Peter is always watching!

If all that goodness wasn’t enough, we read some mail, and anoint Don Stafa as forum Godfather.

Link for mice tech: AnandTech Input Lag Article