Blue Yonder – Episode 45 Preview

This week’s show, which drops Wednesday, will feature us discussing the concepts of a technological singularity, structured around a review/debate/discussion of the e-novel, Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect, which can be read in it’s entirety online. Please heed the warnings on site and below about the contents of this book. We talk about the subject in the cast proper for about 25 minutes, and will release another 40 minutes or so of the discussion as bonus content, where we really get in depth and philosophical. It’s different from our normal stuff, not as funny, per se, but very geeky and we hope interesting to you guys and gals.

As prep, we invite you to read the novel and have a virtual book club with us. The novel, really a novella is short; it can be read in two hours or so. In Jim and I’s opinion, it is some of the finest hard sci-fi we’ve read in the past decade.

WARNING: This book features extremely adult content. It uses intentionally graphic imagery and themes to illustrate the possible loss of humanity that is one potential consequence of post-singularity culture. The chapters, 1, 3, and 8 are particularly graphic, and could probably be skipped without much loss if it gets to be too much. The more interesting and philosophic material is in chapters 2 and 4-7. The way the book is structured, these are fairly stand alone in terms of context and time.