Better Cast Saul – 108 – RICO

This podcast, for episode 108 of Better Call Saul, “RICO”, will be subtitled “the one where A.Ron loses his mind with tinfoil theories regarding Hitler’s rise to power and Japanese immigration law…”

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Aside from the deep dive into the murky world of reddit-derived speculation, we discuss dumpster diving, legal ethics, our surprise at the relative “goodness” of Jimmy, Chuck’s miraculous recovery (or is it?), St. Sebastian, spiders, tons of feedback, and much, much more.  Other links of interest…

  • Nicole Hyland, a NY based ethics lawyer, passed along an interview she had with Slate on the ethics of Better Call Saul. The interview starts at the 14:20 mark.
  • Jake from Tallahassee offers up this link from C2MWorld on “The Formats, Framing and Film Noir Influences of ‘Better Call Saul’”.