The Because Show – Ep 55 – Like A Machine

We’re like a machine that can never be broken. Like a podcast machine that will never stop. On this episode, we not only review our New Year’s Resolutions from last year but also review our progress. Some things are hard to accomplish in just one year, right? We look ahead to Jerilyn’s birthday in February and the promise of a very fun party with deliciousness provided by Andy of The Table Set podcast.  We answer a listener question regarding the challenges of air travel. What else is up in this episode? Money problems. Mo’ money, mo’ problems. Or less money, mo’ problems. Can possibly help take the edge off for Amy’s finances? Perhaps. Or maybe Dave Ramsey’s program? We shall see.  Whate else? Also, some Devacurl (yay!) and Burt’s Bees (yuk!) reviews. Speaking of reviews, we have had a lull in the iTunes reviews! Listeners, old and new, can support the show by taking a half-minute and leaving an iTunes review. Or even just clicking on some darn stars would help? Of course, more reviews equals more movement to push our podcast back into the hot ‘n bothered ‘What’s Hot’ category that we love.

Oh! Last year when Amy and Susan’s birthdays rolled around, we asked  listeners call in to our voicemail to leave a sweet BIRTHDAY GREETING for best wishes and overall birthday happiness. It was great! Now you can call in and leave a message for Jerilyn and it will delight her around mid-February. Lots of advance notice here, so put it on your ‘to do’ list pronto.

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