Watching Dead – 515 – “Try”

We discuss rationing booze, the complete lack of any sort of follow through or effect on Deanna’s “no guns, no going outside” policy, Glenn’s righteous setting straight of Dickolous, Rick’s “no”, gobs and gobs of feedback, and a robust spoiler section contained by our cold rolled steel wall of outro music. Can’t wait to see if they cap off a rather successful mini-arc with a pulse pumping season finale next week! See you then!

Breaking Good – 515 – Granite State

The penultimate episode turned out to be the calm before the presumed storm of the finale. It featured many scenes of quiet introspection, a character study of two desperate men; one with no choices available to him at all, and the other with a few good choices left but lacking the will to act on any of them, too prideful and stubborn to admit defeat. Not to his lawyer, not to the authorities, not to his family, not to death himself.

Come join us for a discussion of vulgar neo-nazi gang signs, dopey, dead-eyed pieces of shit, the arguable “death” of Heisenberg, grey matters, the plump, full lips gang, Flynn’s righteous anger, and the straw(s) that un-broke the Heisenberg’s back.

Breaking Good – 515 – Granite State – Instant Take

We had a lot to say about this episode, without talking about the actual episode. Is that weird? It’s just all our thoughts and feelings about this season, and where it’s going, and whether we feel good about it or not. It’s a weird “instant cast” for a weird, slower paced, brutal penultimate episode. I think my last hopes for even a modicum of happy ending died tonight. Can’t wait to see what everybody else thought!