Bald Move Pulp – Making a Murderer

Jim and A.Ron have a LOT to say about Netflix’s documentary, “Making a Murderer”. Lots of spoilers ahead, but if you just want our opinion on whether the show is worth watching or not, rest assured that it absolutely is. We discuss the case, the defendants, the evidence, the criminal justice system in America, and ask what can we do individually and collectively to fix the numerous issues that are shed light on.

If you’d like to help innocent people be exonerated, consider donating to the Innocence Project. If you’d like to know why you should never, ever talk to the police regarding a criminal matter, please watch this video by law professor and former defense attorney James Duane with Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney and former detective George Bruch on police questioning.  If you’d like to join the ranks of internet detectives, the most current and best information regarding the ongoing cases discussed in Making a Murderer can be found on the show’s subreddit.  Just please remember to take into account the lessons learned in the documentary during your investigation.

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