Help Save Bald Move!

Update: 11/09/2016 — We did it!

If you want the full update, here’s the video that shows how this $25k has essentially guaranteed we’ll be in operation through the entirety of 2017.  Thank you, thank you for your support.  We weren’t sure this would even succeed, let alone that it would succeed in less than a week.  Jim and I cannot thank you enough for your help dealing with the Amazon situation.

Original post:  11/04/2016:  Last week Amazon decided to pull our Affiliate Status, which means that avenue of supporting Bald Move is gone.  Small problem, as I’ve said many times in the various ads we’ve done on the topic, Amazon accounted for about 1/3 of our operating income.  We’ve gone from comfortably making it in the independent podcasting game to being underwater in the blink of an eye.

Jim and I recorded a video to explain the situation in detail, but the bottom line is we’re staring at a $38k hole for 2017, and we need to raise about $25k of that before February to ensure that we stay in business.  We need your help to get that done!

  1. If you can, please consider making a donation in our shop.  Anything would help!
  2. If you’re not a Club member, please consider joining.
  3. We’ve increased the price of the Club to ensure our ongoing survival.  If you are already a Club Member, consider joining up at the new price. Some accounts may have an issue doing this.  If so, please email us at and we can help!
  4. People have asked, and yes, anything you buy in our shop or merch store will help.  That includes t-shirts, mugs, and podcast commissions.  Please be aware that we only get about $3-4 bucks on each t-shirt we sell, so if you’re goal is to maximize your dollars to Bald Move, consider the Club or a donation.

We are confident that enough of our community will see the value of what we do and step up to help us weather this storm.  In the end, we’ll be stronger and more secure than ever, with our success going forward held firmly in our own hands.  For more info, you can email us or check out the forum threads we have on the topic. Even if you’re unable or unwilling to help us out, I’d ask you to check out our video.  If nothing else, it’s an interesting and transparent look into the finances of a podcast start up!