Mad Men Happy Hour – 709 – “New Business”

We’re not sure what to think about Mad Men episode 709, “New Business”, and maybe that’s an intentional choice by the Weiner himself, who co-wrote the episode… We discuss the mysteries of missing teeth, phantom cab rides, Pete’s improbably use of “Jiminy Christmas!”, Stan’s amateur pornography, and Peggy’s refusal to take a walk on the wild side. All this, tons of your great feedback, and much more!


Mad Men Happy Hour – Season 7b Preview!

We recap where we are at the start of the season, and give our hopes and fears for our favorite characters, then consider some of your feedback on same. Can the Weiner stick the landing? Is that even an important question for a show like Mad Men? What would failure look like, anyway? Who’s hooking up, who’s left standing, what kind of man will Don/Dick ultimately be in the final assessment? All this and more as we gear up to give the series the send off it deserves. See you Sunday night!


Mad Men Happy Hour – 707 – “Waterloo”

Jim and A.Ron are not ready for Mad Men to go away for a year, and it’s a bittersweet cast covering episode 707, “Waterloo”.  We discuss the future of the agency, how much we care, Sally’s outlook on love and how Don and Betty have shaped it, Harry being a day late and a dollar…


Mad Men Happy Hour – 706 – “The Strategy”

A.Ron and Jim talk about the instant classic Mad Men episode, number 706, “The Strategy”.  We discuss Lou’s goddamn Tiki bar, again, and its evil idol, Bob’s arrangement, what’s really going on with Buick, and our growing disdain for Cutler.  All this, plus your great feedback! If you want to give us a shout out,…