106 – The Good Man

Jim and A.Ron have a lot of thoughts about the final episode and first season of “Fear the Walking Dead” as a whole. Is episode 106, “The Good Man”, in fact, “A Good Episode?” Not really. We delve into the numerous problems of Handsome Soldier, Liza’s choice, hell even Tuxedo Man’s sheer coolness can’t spare him from our savage take on the series. It’s like we unleash 2000 walkers onto the writer’s room of Fear the Walking Dead. The air evac squad comes mid-way through podcast to bail them out, but then sees the mailbag, and nopes out of there. Abandon all hope, ye who listen.

105 – Cobalt

Jim and A.Ron put on swanky suits and trade away our Rolex watches for an opportunity to talk about the latest Fear the Walking Dead episode, “Cobalt”. Soldiers are breaking ranks, Travis misses 100% of the shots he doesn’t take, Nick has the skills to pay Tuxedo Man’s bills, and pants are hotter than ever as the ominous Operation Cobalt begins to swing into action.  All this plus tons and tons of feedback from our fellow fans.

105 – Cobalt – Instant Take

Jim and A.Ron try to unravel Operation “Cobalt”, which is featured in episode 105 of “Fear the Walking Dead”…
Soldiers get flayed, Nick has a certain set of skills, Alicia gets a bit too revealing with Chris, and Mrs. Barbershop gets some controversial medical attention. What did you think? Hit us up at the links below, and let us know!