Bald Movies – Logan (2017)

Jim and A.Ron are very impressed with the swan song for Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine in Logan.  It’s a great film, nevermind a great comic book movie, drawing on our long history with the tortured Wolverine and Patrick Stewart’s equally iconic Charles Xavier to generate real emotion as these men struggle at the end of their days.  They’re both resigned to run away from a world where mutants are a dying species until a young girl with very Loganish gifts is dropped on their doorstep, alone and need of guidance and protection.  What follows is gritty, unbelievably violent, and undeniably touching.  A fitting final tribute for one of the hardest working men in the comic book movie biz.  Enjoy our spoiler free review and discussion of upcoming movies on the house, but if you want to hear our spoiler filled review and thoughts on the movie, you’re going to have to be a Club Member.

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