American Horror Story Podcast – 508 – The Ten Commandments Killer

A.Ron and Cecily unpack the shocking revelation from this week’s American Horror Story: Hotel, “The Ten Commandments Killer”; Cecily doesn’t actually know the Ten Commandments!

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All kidding aside, other than the fact that we’ve seen this revelation coming, it was a perfectly fine episode of American Horror Story.  Although I guess it does kind of re-contextualize Sally.  And the “adultery” couple switching hotels kinda came out of no where.  Never fear, we’re not above resorting to multi-verse theory to explain away any troublesome retconning or rewriting Murphy has to do to bring this beast on final approach and landing.  All that, our ongoing love fest for Dennis O’Hare, and a pretty healthy mailbag, and lots of opinionated opinions coming your way!

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