The Because Show – Ep 93 – Lybrido Watch

Have you heard of the ‘female Viagra’ drug called ‘Lybrido’? You have now. This drug for female sexual dysfunction may lead one to ruminate on the science and politics behind female desire. So start ruminating!  If you want to read more about it in the New York Times Magazine, here. And how about Donna Tartt’s new work of fiction ‘The Goldfinch’? It’s hot off the presses and ready for you to read it.  Amy highly recommends ‘Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2’. It’s great! And find out if Susan won 1st place in the Air Guitar contest in Las Vegas! (Spoiler alert: she did).  And this will be the only show ever (probably) that includes Jerilyn quoting Donald Rumsfeld. Srsly you guys.

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